Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2010 Itinerary: June 7 to July 26

Date and City and Game

7-Jun - Arlington: Seattle 4, at Texas 2
8-Jun - Cincinnati: SF 3 at Cincinnati 0
9-Jun - Milwaukee: Cubs 9 at Milwaukee 4
10-Jun - Chicago: Detroit 0 at White Sox 3
11-Jun - Chicago: White Sox 10 at Cubs 5
12-Jun - Detroit: Pittsburgh 3 at Detroit 4
13-Jun - Cleveland: Washington 9 at Cleveland 4
14-Jun - Cleveland: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
15-Jun --Pittsburgh: White Sox 6 at Pittsburgh 4
16-Jun - New York City: Philadelphia 6 at Yankees 3
17-Jun - New York City
18-Jun - New York City (bonus day) Slovania 2 vs USA 2
19-Jun - Washington D.C. White Sox 1 at Nationals 0
20-Jun - Atlanta: Kansas City 5 at Atlanta 8
21-Jun - Destin, Florida
22-Jun - Destin, Florida
23-Jun - Biloxi, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles
24-Jun - Houston: See Walter's mom who's 90 and the bomb San Francisco at Houston
25-Jun - Austin (Niece's wedding)
26-Jun - Austin (Niece's wedding)
27-Jun - Dallas
28-Jun - Dallas
29-Jun - Levelland, Texas to see Jeannie's mom who has it goin' on
30-Jun - Levelland
1-Jul - Santa Fe
2-Jul - Santa Fe
3-Jul - Denver: San Francisco at Denver
4-Jul - Salt Lake City
5-Jul - Boise
6-Jul - Portland
7-Jul - Portland
8-Jul - Maui
9-Jul - Maui
10-Jul - Maui
11-Jul - Maui
12-Jul - Maui
13-Jul - Maui
14-Jul - Maui
15-Jul - Portland
16-Jul - Between Portland and SF
17-Jul - San Francisco: NY Mets at SF
18-Jul - San Francisco: NY Mets at SF
19-Jul - Oakland: Boston at Oakland
20-Jul - San Luis Obispo
21-Jul - Los Angeles: SF (again) at LA Dodgers
22-Jul - Las Vegas
23-Jul - Las Vegas
24-Jul - Las Vegas
25-Jul - Las Vegas
26-Jul - Dallas


  1. This itinerary is phenomenal!! Maui, Vegas, and all those baseball games! What a summer! I can't wait to follow your trip! I hope you post some pictures!

  2. Hope I can find a way to meet you at one og your stops again.

  3. I love this! I hope Tim and I get to go on these types of adventures one day...I especially like your schedule on June 25th and 26th :)

  4. Wow - what an amazing trip! I am so excited for you! I will say, in Chicago, I highly recommend Giordanno's; delicious pizza! In San Francisco, we love this little Italian restaurant in North Beach called Cafe DeLucchi. It is AMAZING, and another fun one is the Tadich Grill, which is one of the oldest restaurants in SF. Have a great time!