Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 11: Manhattann

Day 11 - a day in Manhattan

After waking up in Fort Lee, NJ, we got into the car to go across the George Washington Bridge to go into Manhattan. This is the bridge that Captain Sully flew over on his way to landing in the Hudson. This was his view.

We checked into the Marriott at 5th and 40th street and headed for Little Italy (Mulberry Street) for some lunch.

We went into La Mela

We enjoyed some chicken, veal, bread, and salad -- delicious.

I went back to the hotel to watch the France - Mexico World Cup Game. Yea Mexico, 2-0 victors.

Jeannie went to John Derrian, Muji, and the East Village.

Later, we took a walk through Central Park. We can't get enough baseball.

We went into the lobby of The Plaza and the ghosts of Gatsby and Daisy.

In The Plaza lobby, a picture of The Plaza on the Ipad.

These are two ladies, sisters Nella and Rosette, interested in the Ipad. They are from Turkey and Israel and now New York City. They were just at the Apple store across the street looking at the Ipad.

Next, Jeannie and I went to Rockefeller Center.

Then we walked about 12 blocks back to our wonderful hotel which we like so much that we got another night through Priceline. So, we plan to see the Nationals on Saturday in Washington.

Tomorrow, Jeannie is going to some Fifth Avenue stores while I watch the USA World Cup match. We are going to see Cindy's daughter, Meagan, who grew up a few houses down from us on Echo Bluff Drive and who now works at Bergdorf Goodman. Maybe a play too along with another great meal.

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  1. The pictures are amazing! It is clear how much fun y'all are having!