Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 13: Chicago White Sox vs. Washington Nationals

We left Manhattan in the morning and got to Washington D.C. about 2 p.m.
We parked near the stadium and walked to the metro station to go to the Mall.
Jeannie bought a cool hat from James while waiting for the train.
We made it.

Sculpture of ticket scalpers?

This is the way to get around.
The San Jacinto Monument is just a little taller. As Casey Stengal said, "You can look it up."
The White House in the background.
Lincoln Memorial in the background.
Metro back to the game.
This is the view from our seats. $10 per ticket from some generous people with a couple of extras.

A tasty crabcake sandwich for lunch.
The mascots love Jeannie.
Seventh inning stretch.

White Sox win 1 to 0. No joy in D.C.

After the game, we drove 300 miles to High Point, North Carolina.

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