Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 17: Mary Mahoney's in Biloxi, Mississippi (The finest restaurant in the South, at least the finest that we have been to.)

Day 17 began in Sandestin, Florida, but had a major stop in Mississippi.
Since the beginning of the trip we have been looking forward to having a meal at Mary Mahoney's restaurant in Biloxi -- and it was delicious.
The restaurant is located in a house that was built in 1737, and it has survived multiple nations, a civil war, and some intense hurricanes.

This is Caty (pronounced Katy), the granddaughter of Mary Mahoney who passed away in 1985. Caty met everyone at the door and showed them to their table. She is as pleasant, down to earth, and affable as her smile.

One of the rooms of the restaurant.
Katrina left her mark.

The famous author John Grisham has mentioned Mary Mahoney's in two of his novels.

Sharing crab cakes and stuffed shrimp.

Lime sherbert and bread pudding for dessert.

These were our terrific waiters, Gabe and "O".

Lots of unique items available at the Caty's gift shop, "Tickled Pink.
After lunch, we drove to Lafayette, Louisiana to spend the night, and tomorrow, we will see an afternoon baseball game in Houston, and have dinner with my mom.


  1. Looks like you guys are having a terrific time. I'm enjoying following along.

  2. Mr. Dewar, I swear you look the same as you did when I was in your class 20 years ago! Looks like y'all are having a great time. I am enjoying reading the posts and seeing all the pictures. What an amazing trip! -K. Bush