Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 19: Niece Whitney's (marrying Tim) rehearsal dinner

Today, we are in northwest Austin at niece Whitney's rehearsal dinner.

Jeannie and two fine sons, Stewart and Michael.

Stewart, his friend Josie, and Michael

The cousins, Stewart and bride Whitney, who is a kindergarten teacher in Tyler, Texas.

Cousin James, Whitney's brother, who had his wedding last October.

Walter with his two fine sons, Michael and Stewart.
Whitney's parents, Bobby and Ann
Sister and brother
Ann and Jeannie

Walter and nephew James with a hippo
Jeannie either --
A) Lost a bet
B) Had two glasses of wine
C) Agreed to add some pizzazz to the family pictures
D) All of the above


  1. WOw, everybody is so grown up! Have a great birthday tomorrow, Jeannie!

  2. I answer B on the Hippo picture! LOL How fun to see the family! Your boys are fine looking young men! You guys look like you're having a GREAT time!

  3. Let's see...Jeannie I vote answer B! Nice family pictures! -K.Bush