Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 4: Detroit at Chicago White Sox

We took the Red Line L (subway) from downtown to the White Sox ball park. Jeannie, in front of the stadium is looking for tickets.
and, she hit the jackpot as John (in green), one of six Chicago heavy equipment operators (John, Greg, George, Joe, Jim, and Al) who came to the game together, gave Jeannie two tickets.
These guys get together a few times a year for sports, good times, and beer. John grew up just a 10 minute walk from the park.
Great seats to watch a game.

7th inning stretch --

The mascots love Jeannie. Jeannie could not find the White Sox team mascot, so she took a picture with this guy dressed in a tiger suit instead. The White Sox beat the Detroit Tigers 3 to 0.
A shot from left field

Sears Tower on top of Jeannie's head along with Elvis impersonator.
Post game banana split at B Robbins

We took the Red Line back to downtown Chicago and saw lots of Stanley Cup Champion Blackhawk fever.

For dinner our friend Gregg Fleisher (Mr. Chicago) recommended Gino's East pizza. Gino's was the originator of deep pan pizza.
We took a bus for about a mile and found Gino's
At Gino's visitors can write whatever they like on the wall. See if you can find what Jeannie wrote.
Here is a closeup.
Yum --
A great meal to end another fun day.

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  1. OMG! I think my friend Michele's sister and ex brother-in-law own Gino's. I'll find out and let you know. Did you hear the name Jeff Himmel at the restaurant?