Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 6: Pittsburgh Pirates at Detroit Tigers (and Notre Dame U)

Day 6, June 12, started at Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana. It was far more beautiful than I had anticipated.

The famous touchdown J
The stadium --

The North Dallas High School 1974 Dallas ISD City Campionship Soccer Coach and some Notre Dame coach.

Jeannie and Lou

We left Notre Dame and headed for Detroit, but stopped at 2:30 p.m. in Jackson, Michigan at the Ground Round Bar and Grill to watch the USA- England World Cup match.
Bob Utter would have stopped Dempsey's shot.
After the game we drove on into Detroit, checked into the Marriott at Renaissance Center, got a cab for a mile ride to the ball park, and Jeannie put up 2 fingers seeking tickets. Jeannie works alone now feeling Walter's presence is a detriment. However, two different people just gave Walter a ticket, so we went through the gate and got help from these two Tiger stadium ambassadors. They were very helpful.

We got a couple of special combo meals (the best deal we have found at any park). A hot dog, a drink, and a bag of chips for $5.

This was our view, upper deck, but right behind the plate.

We took a camera picture of the Ipad's GPS google earth image. The little blue dot lower left, is the position the GPS showed.
The mascots love Jeannie. The Tiger mascot's name is PAWS.
It was an exciting came. This is Detroit's Carlos Guillen heading for the plate and his jubilent team mates after he hit a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 10th inning for a 4-3 Detroit victory.
Tomorrow, we drive to Cleveland where the Washington Nationals and their young phenom pitcher, Stephen Strasburg play the Indians.


  1. Hello Followers of The Grandslam baseball trip! I just talked to Walt and Jeannie for an hour while they were driving to Cleveland. They are having the trip of a life time, and don't we all wish we were with them in the back seat of their '59 Chevy? We talked about the hot dogs, great food, games, people and adventures they're having and I feel so lucky to have good friends who get life and enjoy the love they have together. They convinced me to meet them in Washington next week and drive with them to Atlanta to experience a short leg of this amazing trip. However, my excitement turned to reality in minutes when I realized that I just started a new job and baseball games, great food and beer aren't in my contract! So Walt and Jeannie, I'll be there in spirit and keep on truckin' across America and posting these great blogs and pictures. Don't forget to go to The Varsity when you hit downtown ATL on the Georgia Tech campus. The chili slaw dogs, glorified hamburgers, onion rings and fried peach pies are waiting for you. MISS AND LOVE Y'ALL VERY MUCH!!! Cindy

  2. I am laughing at Jeannie's comment about Walter being a detriment for ticket acquisition.

    You two are a great pair!

  3. I was laughing at the same thing as Tyra and thinking to myself, "Well, of course he's a detriment -- she's much prettier!"