Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 7: Washington Nationals (& Strasburg) at Cleveland Indians

On the way from Detroit to Cleveland, our friend Cindy called and talked to us for about an hour making the drive time go fast.

We drove into Cleveland about 20 minutes before the start of the game between the Washington Nationals and Cleveland Indians. I let Jeannie off in front of the stadium so she could put up two fingers seeking tickets, and I went looking for a place to park. Jeannie says that within 30 seconds she was offered two free tickets.

This nice man Steve and his 11 year old son, Ryan, gave Jeannie the tickets.

and they were great seats down the first base line between 1st base and the foul pole on the sixth row.

A view of left field from our seats.

First pitch of the game -

First pitch by Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg
This is Cleveland resident Gary and his 14 year old son, Brad.

The mascots love Jeannie. This mascot's name is Slider.

The Nationals won the game 9 to 4.

Later, we had a great dinner at D'vine, a bistro in the warehouse district of Cleveland.

A great end to another perfect day.

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  1. You and walter have this traveling thing down to a science! I am amazed at all the baseball tickets and pictures with mascots and the people you meet and the places you find to eat! You guys are my heroes! :) So far Slider is my FAVORITE mascot! Look forward to reading more about your adventures.

    PS...checked on the house yesterday and everything remains quaint and perfect!