Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 9: Chicago White Sox at Pittsburgh Pirates

We made it to Pittsburgh, the Holiday Inn Express in the southern part of downtown near Carson Street. Carson Street seems to be a big deal (combination Bourbon Street and Rush) and Jeannie is walking the street looking for treasures.

Guess what I am doing

while she is out and about?

This wonderful lady is Judy. She is a big Milwaukee Brewer fan because she is from Milwaukee. She is checking out the grandslamtrip blog.

We got into the game, 1 free ticket and 1 for $5. Good seats because there are not many people here. However, it is the most perfect night for baseball. Go BUCS.

More pics to come, but I am having a little trouble with download, uploading, backloading, etc.

This is from out seats.
The mascots love Jeannie.
More pics and info still to come from Pittsburgh -- hopefully on Thursday.


  1. We can't wait to hear about the Yankees game! It looks like yall are having a BLAST!!! I hope that Tim and I get to take this same trip one day. (Thank you for the orange clock! We will get to move it into our first home Monday!)

  2. While "she" out can you please do my dirty laundry, too? Never mind, I'll just tell you my dirty laundry! :) Tell Meg hi for me if you see her and I hope you do. Miss y'all!

  3. Mr. Dewar...that is so funny seeing you do laundry! Jeannie...you are so cute in the pictures with all the mascots! -Kimberly Bush