Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 25: Going to Santa Fe

Day 25 started in Levelland, Texas, and we drove to Santa Fe. On the way we passed through a Texas town that I never thought I would see.

I started playing golf when I was 12, and I became interested in a pro golfer named Terry Dill because he was from a Texas town with a very strange name -- Muleshoe. I looked it up on the map and could not imagine where I would be going to pass through this panhandle town. Well, Muleshoe is on the road from Levelland to Santa Fe.

For years, I looked up Terry's golf scores in the sports pages. In January, 1975, I was with local Dallas pro Tom E. at the Bob Hope Desert Classic in Palm Springs, California. I had caddied in 5 tournaments for Tom the previous summer. Tom and I were having dinner the night before the tournament, and Terry Dill was at the next table by himself. Tom asked him to join us, and I told Terry that I had been a fan for years and bought his dinner.
The next morning, Terry's caddy did not show up, and I offered to caddy for him. After six holes, his caddy appeared, and I gave up the bag. I still follow Terry Dill.

We entered New Mexico from Farwell, Texas where we stopped.

Then we had an Al Gore -- Tipper moment or two.

Pretty good picture considering I am taking it myself with my cell phone camera.
A little further into New Mexico, we found something interesting in Ft. Sumner.

Ft. Sumner is where Pat Garrett shot Billy the Kid, and there is a museum.

When we got to Santa Fe, we found some more about Billy the Kid.

For dinner, we went to a restaurant that we knew we would go to if we ever visited Santa Fe.
In Las Vegas back in the day, we would always eat nachos at the Coyote Cafe.
However, we went by one day, and it had closed.
The Coyote Cafe started in Santa Fe, and we had nachos there today.

On Friday, we are getting up early. Jeannie is seeing Santa Fe, and I am watching the World Cup game between Holland and Brazil

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