Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 27: Taos, SF vs Colorado Rockies, Super Fireworks

On Day 27 we departed Santa Fe early on Saturday morning and made it to Taos about 9 a.m.

Jeannie browsed Taos, and I looked for a TV to watch the 2nd half of the World Cup game between Germany and Argentina
No TV at the famous Hotel La Fonda

This inn had a TV in its bar which was closed.

But they opened it up just for me

Lots of crying in Argentina as they were humiliated 4-0.

Sample of what Jeannie found.

After Taos we went down Kit Carson Road through Angel Fire, NM and on to Eagles Nest, NM.
How about these great vistas at Eagle Nest Lake

Jeannie's family used to vacation here, and Jeannie bought a post card for her mom.

Then went on to pass through Cimarron, NM and came upon Philmont, a boy scout ranch that our son (Eagle Scout) Michael went to twice with his fellow scouts from Troop 1077 in Dallas.

We made our way to Denver and had a steak at The Keg, a restaurant about a block from Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies. It is a great place for a meal.

Our 12th game, and a beautiful ball park.

The game was a sellout, but we got a couple of tickets (not together) from the scalpers ($10 each).
However, we found a great location in the standing room spots.

This was Dick the usher who made sure we went no further. Jeannie could not run down the mascot for a picture (she tried), so Dick will have to substitute.

The seventh inning stretch started with God Bless America

And then of course, Take Me Out to the Ball Game

You can see that the Rockies got down 7-1 early, rallied to take an 8-7 lead, but finally succumbed as the English soccer announcers say, 11-8.

Then - the highlight of the night -- 4th of July (on the 3rd) fireworks. You can see fans going onto the field. They cleared out the left field stands and had those fans go onto the field to watch the show. The fireworks are so close (as you will see below) that ash falls onto the field and especially in left field.

Fans getting ready for the fireworks from seats we found after the game.

This is the purple Rockies scoreboard sign that you will see in all of the fireworks pics below.

After the fireworks -- fans heading for home or to a 100 places in downtown Denver to have some fun

We walked back to the hotel.

So long from Denver -- a great ball park and city to watch baseball. Next stop, Ogden, Utah.

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  1. Love those pictures of the fireworks!! :) Miss you guys! You still look like you're having a GREAT time! :)