Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 32, Maui Day 1

We made it to Maui about noon (5 p.m. Dallas time) and got a beautiful blue convertible and some supplies at the K-Mart near the airport.

Then we drove about 5 miles east to the small former sugar plantation town of Paia to have lunch at a great little place. Paia has been kind of a hippie town, and it has about 20 little shops and restaurants and two gas stations where they sell gas for almost $4 a gallon just like the rest of Maui.
Paia is straight down from the "u" in Maui on the northern coast.

IPad shot of Paia and location of the Paia Fish Market.
The Paia Fish Market -- simple but very tasty.

We then drove about 30 miles to our hotel on Kaanapali beach on the west side of Maui. About 5 p.m. (10 Dallas time), we took a nap, but did not get up (it is about 4 a.m. Maui time now and Jeannie is still in a state of slumber).

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