Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 33, Maui Day 2, The Morning Walk

Day 33, Maui Day 2

Most days at Kaanapali, Jeannie and I take a five mile walk. From our hotel, we walk south down the beach for a few hundred yards and then down a golf fairway by the beach. This is a golfer who allowed us to take his picture this morning. It costs a couple of hundred dollars a round, and for this golfer, it was about $1.50 a shot.

After Black Rock, the first hotel is the Sheraton and this is one of the hotel pools.

You can see the Sheraton pool and a lot more online through a webcam.

This is how you find the webcam.
At the south entrance to the Sheraton

The Kaanapali Beach hotel is next, and Jeannie, the kids and I stayed there a couple of times.

Next on the walk is the Whaler, probably the most famous hotel on Kaanapali Beach.

Next is Whaler's Village, home to many restaurants and shops -- many that are high end.

At Whaler's Village, Leilani's on the Beach is a restaurant known for its Hula Pie ice cream treat.

South of Whaler's Village is the Westin.

This has been our palm tree for many years. The Westin has a webcam, although it has not worked for about a year, and in Dallas I would get to it online and be able to view this palm tree. I would show it to Jeannie, and say, "Look Jeannie, it's our tree."
Next is the Alii, the nicest condos on the beach.
South of the Alii is the Marriott where we stop for water.

This is our view while we are sitting down drinking the water
Since we are on a baseball trip, how about this Detroit Tiger fan.

After the Marriott is the last hotel on the Kaanapali Beach, The Hyatt.
Jeannie pauses by the Hyatt pool.

This is the end of the path, 2.5 miles from our hotel. Now we walk through the lobby of the Hyatt.

Where there are penguins. Usually there are about 6 standing around, but today they were all in their little caves.

The Hyatt Lobby also has a parrot that says aloha over and over.

On the way back, we had to stop at Leilani's on the Beach for some Hula Pie. Everything about it (ice cream, macadamian crust, fudge topping, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream) is perfect.
We also got an open-faced crab and shrimp melt sandwich, but we had the Hula Pie first.

Then we headed back to the hotel with a last picture at the golf course.

Then down the beach back to the hotel.


  1. This just isn't right. It's all kinds of wrong! Because all of your followers aren't there with y'all. Looks so beautiful and that penguin is adorable. Jeannie, where's that bikini you bought at Just Add Water before you left??? Miss y'all.

  2. What beautiful pictures! Looks like y'all are having an amazing time in Maui! - Kim Bush