Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 38 and Day 39, Maui Day 7 and 8

Day 38, Maui day 7 begins with a walk down the path by the beach that goes from our hotel, the Marriott, past the Grand Wailea, Four Seasons, and ends at the Kea Lani.
These are all massive resort hotels and this is our view when we start.

Similar view the night before.

The beautiful chapel at the Grand Wailea

I bet many young women walk by this chapel and hope that is where they get married some day.

Views from the Grand Wailea. We usually walk though the hotels on the walk.

Next, the Four Seasons

This is the lobby of the Kea Lani -great memories. Nine years ago when the family went to Maui for the first time, Trish recommended this resort, and it was terrific.

More Kea Lani.

Can't keep up with Jeannie

Later on day 38 (Wednesday) we went back to the Grand Wailea to have a Perrier at the bar at a wonderful restaurant, Humahumanukunukuapau'a.

In August 2001, my sister Robin and her husband Mike took us to Huma... for dinner, and we sat at this very table. The sun went down right behind me.

After Huma..., we went to Gannon's, a restaurant at the Wailea Blue golf clubhouse, for our last Maui dinner. It was a good choice.

On Thursday morning, Day 39, after our walk, we stopped at Paia for an early lunch before our 1:15 p.m. flight to Portland.

We finish our Maui trip as we started, at the Paia Fish Market for some shrimp and mahi-mahi.

The Paia Fish Market has the best food for the price in Maui and maybe the best food period.

Goodbye to Maui

We flew to Portland and arrived about 9:30 p.m. Portland time. Tomorrow we head south toward San Francisco which will be a two-day drive. We do not know where we will stop driving on Friday. Suggestions are welcome.

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