Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 43: San Francisco Day 3

Day 43: We began the day by catching the Muni to go to a famous San Francisco bakery, Tartine.

Here we met up with my niece Robin Heather who lives in San Francisco and who was the flower girl in our wedding when she was 5, along with her daughter, Bee.

After Tartine, Robin Heather showed us her apartment which is about 2 blocks from the intersection of Haight and Ashbury. It was great to see Robin Heather and the bee u tiful Bee.

Jeannie and I then walked to the famous intersection.
Notice that Ben and Jerry's now commands this corner.
43 years since the "summer of love."

When the truth is found to be...

After Haight-Ashbury, we went to the Presidio Sacramento Street area. Jeannie looked at a lot of shops including her favorite, Pierre Deux.
This is the doorman at the Drake Hotel (Jeannie's San Francisco mascot).

The Drake is next to a great Italian restaurant, Scala's, where we had lunch.

Right now it is about 5 p.m., and we are just about to get on the BART to go under the bay to Oakland to see the Red Sox-Athletics game.

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