Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 44: SF to Carmel to Big Sur to Morro Bay

On Day 44 --
We began the day by driving south from SF to Carmel, which is just south of the Pebble Beach golf course. The center of Carmel is like they took the Dallas Galleria and spread it over 6 city blocks.
This is on the beach at Carmel.

From Carmel we drove down scenic California Highway 1 which is the California version of Maui's Road to Hana. For us it was the road to Morro Bay.

Richard and Liz were here in 1965 filming the Sandpiper.
Views down Highway 1 south of Big Sur

Jeannie gave these artists some tips.

Further down the road

After we got into our room in Morro Bay, we drove to San Luis Obispo to eat at Novo, a restaurant recommended by my SMU friend Gail, who I have not seen in over 40 years but will have lunch with in Malibu on Wednesday.

The food was great. Thanks Gail.

Back in Morro Bay, we had a little ice cream.

On Wednesday we meet Gail for lunch in Malibu. Then, a little touring around LA and the Dodger Giant baseball game.

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  1. I've only been carsick twice in my life. Highway 1, both times. Beautiful, though.