Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 45: Los Angeles

Day 45 -- We left Morro Bay and drove through San Luis Obispo again and through some beautiful mountains to Santa Barbara.
We continued down highway 101 to Malibu where we met Gail and her daughter at Neptune's Net, a casual seafood restaurant by the ocean on the Los Angeles County -- Ventura County border.

After 40 years, this is what a hug looks like. Gail's daughter Shelby is in the background.

Gail brought some albums of the 60s at SMU.

After lunch we went to a hip and a half location, Abbot Kinney Blvd, which is near Venice Beach. (For younger readers, Venice Beach is where Romy and Michelle lived in LA.)

Abbot Kinney has lots of unique shops and sights.

Wall mural.

Model shoot.

We really enjoyed our time with Gail and Shelby (future MMA champion -- I kid you not, as Jack P used to say). Thank you to them for a wonderful lunch and a taste of LA.
We then headed across town in rush hour traffic to Dodger Stadium.
We made it.

View of downtown LA from the Dodger stadium parking lot.

We bought two $20 tickets and made it inside the park just in time for the National Anthem.

Umpires meeting with the managers before the game.

When the Dodgers take the field, 9 little kids accompany them to their positions, get a ball or a glove signed and run off the field. It is a great way to start a game.

Here is the first pitch. The pitcher, Chad Billingsley pitched a complete game shutout.
Our seats

Jeannie shared a Dodger Dog with me. My favorite hot dog on this trip.

Here is the wave coming at us.

Umpire reverence for "God Bless America"

The singer

Then --

Dodgers win 2-0. On Thursday we head for Las Vegas and for the first time will stay at the Wynn, at least for Thursday night. We are not sure where we will be after that -- depends on Priceline and Hotwire. Thanks again to Gail and Shelby.

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