Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 50 and Last Day of 2010 Trip: Home in Lewisville

Last Day of 2010 GrandSlamBaseballTrip

Day 50: Back to Dallas (Lewisville)
We flew into Dallas Love Field about 9 p.m. Thanks to Katie for picking us up and also taking us to DFW back on June 8. Las Vegas was great. Lots of food and fun, watching the Rangers in the sports books and seeing them win 3 out of 4, celebrating a birthday, and not too much gambling.

Summary Stats:
1. 14000 miles, about 6000 in planes and 8000 driving
2. 26 states and the District of Columbia
3. 14 baseball games, hottest - Atlanta, coldest - Oakland
4. 24 times putting gas in the car, 1 oil change, 1 flat tire repair
5. 29 different hotels