Monday, July 5, 2010

Days 28 and 29: Denver to Ogden to Boise

On Day 28, we left Denver early Sunday morning, the 4th of July, headed for Ogden, Utah which is about 525 miles away. This drive takes you across most of the southern part of Wyoming and had the most scenic views of the trip. I took the same trip the other way 38 years ago on a motorcycle and the vistas, mountains, and blue sky have always stuck in my mind, but these were even better than I had remembered.
About 2/3 of the way across Wyoming, we pulled into this town.

Amazingly (to me at least), the main street in the town is named Dewar Drive.

After Rock Springs we saw about 100 billboards for food and services in a little Wyoming town called Little America. Some of the billboards advertised 50 cent cones and we had to stop.

When we got to our hotel in Ogden, Utah we noticed that there was a baseball field right across the street, Linquist Field, home of the Ogden Raptors, a minor league farm team of the Los Angeles Dodgers. In fact, the famous manager Tommy Lasorda managed an Ogden minor league team to three Pioneer League titles from 1966 through 1968.
The Raptors were on the road, but the stadium was hosting a high school tournament and we dropped in about the 6th inning. We had the best seats of the trip.

The game had some controversy.

One of the coaches was ejected from the game for taunting the umpire, and below, a second coach is also ejected. He threw two bats onto the field, one just missing the umpire. In the second picture, you can see one of the bats on the field behind the umpire. This umpire initially called the game right there for the other side, but then decided to let the game go on. The team whose coaches were ejected lost. It was surprising to see this level of dissension and bat throwing in a high school game.

On Day 29 we headed for Boise and a special treat, dinner with one of my geometry students from the 80s along with her family.
Boise has a great Capitol building and statue of Abe.

Through the miracle of Facebook, I reunited with my geometry student from the 1980s, Ellen Webster (now Ellen Baumann), who now lives in Boise Idaho. Her family, Jeannie, and I had a terrific dinner at a Boise institution, the Brick Oven Bistro (also known as the Beanery) in downtown Boise.

Three of Ellen's four sons.
This is the whole crew. Ellen and her youngest Matthew, husband David with their three other sons, Christopher, Timothy, and Andrew.

If you knew Ellen back in the day, her sons are what you might have expected -- handsome, intelligent, and well-mannered. Her husband David, for those who learned the SAT words, is affable, gregarious, and perspicacious.

Ellen and her family made Boise a great place to visit


  1. Dewar Dr! Looks like yall are STILL having an epic vacation. and Maui in a few days?!? Phhhhh...

    Love you guys and say Hi to Debi in portland for me :)

  2. Jennie,
    I think your trip is so cool! It's so fun reading your blog ... I'm getting to take a summer vacation vicarously !

    Dorothy Rhoads

  3. Dewar Dr!! How can you get that sign home?! LOL :)

  4. The Dewar Dr sign reminded me of a sign that was near an apartment I lived in while in college -- Calculus Drive.