Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 35: Special Bonus Treat -- Keike Bear, Hawaiian Adventure in Maui

Special Bonus Treat
Hawaiian Adventure in Maui

This bear belongs to a fifth grade class at Jeannie's school. The class allows people going on vacation to take the bear along and take pictures of the bear to reflect the vacation.

We took the bear to Maui over spring break, and as a blog treat since we are in Maui, we will share his adventure as we shared with the fifth graders at Jeannie's school.

We named the bear Keike Bear.
Keike is the name for children in Hawaii. Keike Bear will have many activities and adventures in Maui. Above Keike is on Kaanapali Beach.

This is Keike's hotel.

It has a great pool.

Can you see Keike?

Keike rides up front.

Keike takes a surfing lesson.

Ready to surf.

Need to be careful.

Maui is great for scuba.

Keike is on the hat and ready to go fishing.

Keike likes to relax at the spa.

Taking it easy.

Getting a bear tan.

Massages are relaxing.


Yum! Time for lunch. I like honey on my burger.

The Keikes love Keike bear.

Everyone in Maui is friendly.

Lots of palm trees to climb.

Relaxing before the luau.

Looking for the Keike bear luau rate.

Keike finds some unlikely friends at the Hyatt.

Time to say goodbye.

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