Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 10: Shopping, David Letterman, and Dinner with Elizabeth Kim

Day 10: Shopping, David Letterman, and Dinner with one of my students from 1988-1989.

This morning we walked from our hotel to Grand Central Station, caught the 7 train to Times Square, and transferred to the 1 train to 72nd street to find a store called TANI.

Jeannie (a.k.a. Imelda Marcos) went shoe shopping at TANI.

We got back on the subway and returned to the Times Square station and walked a few blocks to another store, MUJI.
MUJI had nothing appealing enough for Jeannie to buy, so we got back on the subway to go to a bakery at Columbus Circle.
Based on the recommendation of Elizabeth Kim (more about her later), we got the grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. 
After lunch we headed toward the Ed Sullivan Theatre on Broadway, home of the David Letterman Show, to get our tickets to the show.  We needed to be there between 2 and 3. 
This was taken in the foyer of the Ed Sullivan Theatre, and right after the camera flash, we heard, "Hey! No pictures are allowed in here."  Oops.  It was then 2:45, and they said for us to be back in the line by 3:15.

We knew that the Dallas Mavericks players, coach, and owner Mark Cuban were going to do the "Top 10" list on the show, so I walked and ran down Broadway looking for a couple of Dallas Mavericks shirts to wear to the show.  I got the shirts at Champs on 42nd Street and made it back just in time.

It was great to see the show live.  Jim Carrey and the Mavericks doing the "Top 10" were great.

The following are the top 10 things that you might not know about the David Letterman show (at least if every show is like tonight's).

1. Dave takes his coat off during every commercial and puts it back on right before he is back on camera.

2. About 3 minutes before the show starts, Dave without his coat comes out to greet and interact with the audience, and he tells some jokes. (He saw the Maverick shirts that Jeannie and I were wearing, and he asked, "Are you two really from Dallas." We responded yes.  Dave then said, "What's going on in Dallas." and he got distracted and moved on).  All at once, with Dave still standing in from of the audience, the announcer Alan Kalter starts his introduction ..."New York, the greatest city in the world..."  Dave then runs backstage, puts on his jacket, and within seconds runs across the stage from left to right (usually seen every night when watching from home), is hidden from view, and then walks back out on the stage to start his monologue.

3. The audience is given specific instructions regarding how to laugh and clap to add enthusiasm to the show.

4.  There is a person (comic) who comes out about 20 minutes before the show and warms up the audience by telling some jokes.

5.  About 15 minutes before the show starts, the warmup comic introduces the band members (no Paul Shaffer yet), and they play music (Start Me Up by the Rolling Stones was their first song) until Dave comes out for his few minutes before the show.

6. Right before Dave does his audience greeting, the warmup comic introduces Alan Kalter who comes out and takes his seat, and he introduces Paul Shaffer who comes out and takes his seat behind the piano.

7. During commercials a group of writers and producers gather around Dave, apparently to discuss the script for the show and they seemingly make lots of alterations on the fly.

8. The theatre by reputation is supposed to be really cold, but it was very comfortable today.

9.  Dave stands up and puts his right foot up on the chair during every commercial, and the band plays during every commercial.  I think the idea is to keep the audience on an emotional high during the whole show.

10.  Biff walks around the stage with an extreme limp as a result of injuring his leg from tripping after catching a football from Dave on a show last year.

After the show, we got back on the subway to go back to our hotel.  We rested a little and got back on the subway to go to dinner at A Voce, an Italian restaurant at Columbus Circle.

Jeannie and I were being treated to dinner by one of my former students, Elizabeth Kim (Newman Smith High School class of 1992).
Here we are.
When Elizabeth found out we were coming through New York, she volunteered to get us a very good hotel deal at the Alex in Manhattan, and then she got us upgraded to a suite.  We have never had it better. 

Abou 8 years ago, Elizabeth stopped by our home in Dallas to get some tips regarding PSAT/SAT tutoring, something she wanted to get into.  Now she is one of the most successful tutors (all areas) in the New York City region.

Elizabeth's son Tavis just turned 8, and he joined us for dinner.  He is a great kid, talented in art and math and many other things.  He wants to be a physicist.  He was just a baby when Elizabeth visited us 8 years ago, and Jeannie held him while I talked with his mom.
Elizabeth told me about a company she is starting that I think may have a profound effect on education in America.  That is a pretty bold statement, but I believe it to be true.  Stay tuned.

Jeannie and I had a great time visiting with Elizabeth and meeting Tavis.  We are very thankful to her for making our New York stay very pleasant.

On Thursday, Jeannie and I go to Yankee Stadium for a day game between the Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees, A.K.A the evil empire.

My good friend Bill Utter and his family who we ate dinner with on Tuesday night, went to tonight's Ranger-Yankee game.  He send me this picture that I want to share.

That is Bill, Trey, Bailee, and Monica.

They saw the Rangers lose 12-4 to the evil empire, but I am sure that on Thursday, when Jeannie and I are at the game, the story will be different.


  1. This is one of my favorite posts! How fun! That is so funny that Dave Letterman pointed out your shirts!! :) Sounds like you're having a blast.

    I checked on your mail/home today. Everything was perfect! I think that you might have a townhome done in front of your house before you get back!

    Enjoy and I look forward to future blogs! :)


  2. Love the Letterman day. Love the pictures. Great stories. I want to talk to you about Elizabeth and her company. Miss y'all!