Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 13: New York City to Newport R.I. to Hyannis, Massachusetts

Day 13: Leaving New York City for Hyannis, Massachusetts and Spanky's

We will start where we ended on the Day 12 blog
An internet pic that ended Friday's Day 12 blog

 Here we are today (Saturday)

This is Hyannis, Massachusetts, the end of today's drive that began in Manhattan this morning.
Cool and windy outside of Spanky's, so we ate inside.

We did not see anyone famous today, so here again is my picture with Mark Cuban (the greatest owner of them all).

The drive today took us through Manhattan, the Bronx, into Connecticut and to Newport, Rhode Island where we went over the Newport Bridge.

Lots of boats in Newport Harbor
In the background is the bridge we came over.

 Lots of lobster

After Newport, we drove to Hyannis on Cape Cod (location of Spanky's)
Our hotel, the Bayside Hotel
 reminded me of

the kids from Bayside High

Back to Hyannis Port
As you might imagine, there is a JFK Museum in Hyannis.

On Sunday we drive to Boston to see the Red Sox play the Milwaukee Brewers at Fenway Park.
Maybe a little Plymouth Rock too.

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