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Day 14: Father's Day in Boston

Day 14: Cape Cod to Plymouth (and the rock) to the Old North Church to Fenway Park

Happy Father's Day to everyone.  My kids called, and they are doing well.

Let's start at Fenway Park:  First the pictures, then the explanation.

This is Red Sox outfielder Coco Crisp making a great catch on June 29, 2006 in center field at Fenway Park
This is me today at the same spot.

This is the left field corner

This is Pesky Pole, the right field foul pole.  Google to see why it is called Pesky Pole.
From the stands

From the field

Part of the scoreboard in left field

For Father's Day, the Red Sox let the fans come onto the field after the game and walk completely around the park.  Ropes were set up to keep the fans off of the grass.  About 10,000 people tood advantage of the opportunity.

Jeannie and I are also on the lower part of the centerfield screen just to the left of Jeannie's head, but you really have to zoom in to see us.

As the fans went around the field, the Red Sox had about 15 stations where famous Red Sox events were featured.

This is the Red Sox 2007 World Series trophy.  That is Derek in the picture.  We met him on the walk around the park.  His oldest daughter is going to be a freshman at SMU in the fall.  For 15 years, Derek has lived in Wellesley, Massachusetts, but he grew up in Georgia
Derek has lost his Atlanta pro sports teams loyalties.  He is for all the Boston teams.  He has a Boston Bruin Stanley Cup Championship shirt on along with his Red Sox cap.

I wore the cap for an on-the-field shot behind home plate.
Here, the Red Sox are highlighting a famous stolen base by Red Sox player Dave Roberts in the 4th game of the 2004 Yankee-Red Sox playoff series.  This is known as the most famous stolen base in Red Sox history. As it turns out, Derek picked up the same picture today at the stadium.  He won his picture in a charity. auction. 

Here is the stolen base picture from the internet.

More pics from the field

Jeannie and I from the front of the Red Sox dugout
Notice the Ford ad in the dugout.

Red Sox guy on stilts

From Center Field

More from the game later.  We started the day on Cape Cod.
This is a band playing in front of a church for Sunday services in Hyannis, Massachusetts.
About 30 miles north of Hyannis is Plymouth, where the Pilgrims landed.

In Plymouth Harbor is a same size replica of the ship, The Mayflower, used by the Pilgrim's to come to America.  This boat travelled the same route before it docked here.

Right behind Jeannie in the columned structure is the famous Plymouth Rock.
And here it is -- Plymouth Rock -- a little underwhelming.
From Plymouth, we went to Boston and found the Old North Church

I think some Alaskans have a different understanding of what happened in April, 1775.

We passed the Massachusetts State House (or Capitol)
The state has Bruins fever, as the Boston Bruins just won the Stanley Cup.

On the way to the Red Sox game, we found the site of the Boston Masacre.

We took the subway to Fenway Park.  This is the back of the famous "green monster."
View from out seats as Boston player crosses home plate after a home run
In the 7th inning we moved to seats that were a little closer to the field.

7th Inning Stretch
The Red Sox won 12-3 and contratulated themselves after the game.
We took the subway back to our car, and on the way we found two streets blocked off because they were filming a movie.  Its title is "Ted" and it stars Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis.
We found the car and drove to Springfield, Massachusetts to spend the night. 
Tomorrow: The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York

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