Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 20: St. Louis Cardinals

Day 20: St. Louis Cardinal Game with Old Friends

On Saturday morning we got up early in Milwaukee to drive about 370 miles to St. Louis, and our friends Scott and Shawn Whitman got up in Tulsa to drive (rent car) to meet us in St. Louie. 
We met Shawn and Scott at the St. Louis Airport Hertz location, they dropped off their car, and we drove them to downtown St. Louis.  We started with dinner at Charlie Gitto's (recommended by David Reid, life long Cardinal fan, fraternity brother, and resident of Springfield, Missouri), a famous Italian restaurant a few blocks from the ball park, Busch Stadium.
On the way to the stadium, we got a shot of the arch.
We also passed a wedding party, and I got a picture with the bride.

Well, stranger things have happened on our grandslamtrip.

Here, I am dealing with ticket sellers, scalper in the orange and wonderful couple (Kristi and Jason) with a couple of extra tickets .
Kristi gave us an extremely good price on a couple of nice tickets, and we got two cheap outfield upper deck tickets from the scalper.
 I gave the cheap tickets to Jeannie and Shawn, and told them that we would call them from our good seats, and work them in down by us by means perfected by the Utter brothers. 

On the way to our seats, we ran into four people that we sat next to in Charlie Gitto's.
This is Harry, SJ, me, Jana and Eric.  They agreed to be on the blog.
They are an example of the very friendly people one might meet at Busch Stadium.

These were the seats with Kristi and Jason.

I called Jeannie to have her and Shawn come down to the open seats, but Jeannie said that they had sweet-talked an usher into letting them in seats near third base (and they liked their new seats way more than wherever Scott and I were sitting -- SLAM).
Jeannie's favorite usher.

As to the game, the Cardinals scored 1 in the first, but Toronto scored 5 in the 3 including a 3 run homerun blast by J. Rivera.  Each team scored 1 in the ninth and the Cards fans went home sad after watching their team lose 6-3.

There was some fun though during the 7th inning stretch.

Choral group singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game

We had a great time in St. Louis.  Sunday morning the four of us drive to Kansas City for an afternoon game and to celebrate Jeannie's birthday.

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