Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 21: Jeannie's Birthday, Kansas City (Barbecue, Fountains, and Royals/Cubs) and Joplin, MO

Day 21: Jeannie's Birthday, Kansas City (Known for Barbecue, Fountains, and Royals) and a Drive Through the Devastation in Joplin

Today is Jeannie's birthday and also our daughter Debi's birthday.  We celebrated all day, but we (Shawn, Scott, Jeannie, and I) started today by leaving St. Louis early to make a 1:05 p.m. game in Kansas City between the Cubs and Royals.

First, the barbecue:
Then the fountains:
Kansas City has some of the best barbecue in the USA and is known as the city of fountains with over 200, more than any city in the world except for Rome.

We got to L C's Bar-B-Q, which is a couple of miles from the Royals ballpark, around noon.
Here is Jeannie with the Troy the cook.
And, here is Jeannie with LC himself, who has been cooking and serving barbecue for 25 years.  We ate a lot of ribs and brisket.  It was DEE-Licious.
We met the nicest scalper outside the stadium who gave us a good price on 4 tickets by the left field foul pole.
First Pitch
Royals score 4 in first and go on to win 6 to 3.  Lots of Cubs fans in attendance, and they went home sad -- again.
However, Cub fans got excited when Geovany Soto hit a home run.  He is approaching the plate below.
It was very hot in Kansas City today, so in the 3rd inning we moved to the top level behind home plate where we could sit in the shade.  This was our view when the Royals changed pitchers.
Hotdog ingredient race (mustard was the winner) got the fans excited.

Birthday girl at the 7th inning stretch
After the game, we drove toward Tulsa, home of Shawn and Scott.  A little more than half way is Joplin, Missouri, which 5 weeks ago today suffered a devastating tornado.
The destruction, about 1 mile wide and 4 to 5 miles long right through the center of Joplin was massive.
In person, the destruction looks worse than these pictures, but about 9/10 of Joplin is intact and functioning, so I believe the city will definitely rebuild and thrive.

After Joplin, we finished the drive to Tulsa and had a wonderful birthday dinner with Jeannie.

On Monday, we drive to our home in Lewisville.

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