Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 25: Texas Rangers at Houston Astros, and GrandSlamTrip Suspended

Day 25: Rangers Lose to Astros and GrandSlamTripSuspended

Our son Michael

who has been at marine boot camp in San Diego for 7 weeks developed chronic bronchitis a few weeks ago and then was diagnosed with pneumonia.  While he is much better now, he missed too much training to go forward with his platoon, and the marines sent him home.  He has the opportunity to go back at some point with a clearance from a doctor. 

Jeannie stayed in Dallas to be there when Michael arrived which was tonight (Thursday).  I came to Houston today because besides baseball, I wanted to see my mom and my sister and her family.

My old college friend Tom Owen (Houston's own T.O.) got some very nice tickets to the Texas Rangers Houston Astros game.  Also going with us is Bobby Moffett, who was our SMU fraternity brother and who I have not seen in 30 years.
We had great seats.
Above, the bases were full of Rangers, but they did not score in this inning or in the game.  Astros 7 - Rangers 0.
We saw the Rangers 3 times this summer, and the team lost in the first game we saw to Detroit in Arlington, lost to the Yankees in NY two weeks ago, and lost to the mighty Astros (who the Rangers had beaten the last 8 times they met) tonight.

While Jeannie was missed, Tom's wife filled in.
The Astros have a great new video screen.
Lots of Ranger fans at the game, but they went home sad and early.

So, no joy in Mudville (Houston) tonight, but Michael is home, safe, and looking very good.

One last note for my Ford dealer friends, Bill Utter, Bob Utter, and Blake Utter.  Tom Owen has employed a wonderful women from Pasadena, Texas (Mary) for the past 16 years as a jack-of-all-trades handy woman whose motto is "Have Tools, Will Travel."  While she refused a picture, she was proud to have a picture of her Ford truck included.  Mary has had this truck since 1973, maintains it herself, and has put over 700,000 miles on it.
So, thanks to Jill and Tom for the wonderful evening, and it was good to see Bobby again.
Tomorrow, I will visit with my mom, sister, and her family, and head back to Lewisville on Saturday to see Jeannie and my fine son, Michael.

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