Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 4: Detroit, The Motor City

Day 4: Seattle Mariners at Detroit Tigers

After a great 2 days in Cincinnati, we headed to Detroit, about a five hour drive.  On the way we stopped at a Starbucks in Bowling Green

(which after years of hearing Bowling Green football scores, I now know Bowling Green is in Ohio.)

This is David who recently moved from Detroit to Bowling Green.  He gave us some Detroit tips.

Right across the street from Starbucks is Bowling Green University.  Today, they were dedicating a new sculpture of their mascot, a falcon.

About 90 minutes later, we motored into Detroit and checked into our hotel which is 2 blocks south of the ball park.  The hotel is also 2 blocks northeast of Detroit's Greektown, which is a two or three block stretch of restaurants and the Greektown Casino.  We ate dinner at Pegasus Tavernas, a famous Greek restaurant.
We had their famous flaming cheese dish, a Greek salad, and Lamb Shank.  All were delicious. 
After dinner, we headed toward the ball park, Comerica Field.  Like all parks in the city, there is lots of pre-game partying and excitement around the park before the game.

Detroit is known as HOCKEYTOWN
Jeannie's school, McLaughin-Strickland, also has the tiger mascot.
Here is Jeannie with Paws, the Tigers mascot.

Walter and Paws

This is a picture taken by Paws.  The other beautiful girl in the picture is Paws bodyguard Amy.

This is the last pitch of the top of the first inning (we got to our seats a little late)
Speaking of seats -- we got these great seats (at a very reasonable price negotiated by Jeannie) from Jane and Dan and Brian (not in the picture)
What just happened is Walter won the home run pool.  All five of us picked a player.  If that player hits a home run, who ever has that player wins a dollar from everyone else.  Walter had Brennan Boesch who hit a 2-run home run in the 5th inning.  Walter is collecting the money.
Last Monday, Boesch (unfortunately) was in the blog as he hit a 3-run home run against the Rangers.
7th Inning Stretch
Last pitch of the game, and the Tigers win 4-1.

This was supposed to be a group picture of the 5 of us after the game, but Jane just got a little bit of her hair in the picture and Brian was cut out completely (sorry Brian).
These are statues of past Tiger greats like Ty Cobb and Willie Horton.

Goodbye to Tiger Ball Park, one of our best game experiences ever.
But, after the game, Jeannie got some shirts for her fellow teachers on her special areas team, Corrie and Ashley (recall that her school mascot is the TIGERS)
Goodnight from Detroit.  Tomorrow, we drive to Pittsburgh.  Thanks again to Brian, Jane and Dan for the tickets and the wonderful evening.

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