Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 7: Ends with Mavs Winning NBA Championship

Day 7: Mavs Win
A great victory to end a great day.
Mavs beat Portland, sweep the Lakers in 4, beat the kids of Oklahoma City, and beat down the not yet champion Miami Heat whose South Beach talents were not enough.

We started the day by going to the Tampa Bay Rays Baltimore Orioles game which started in bright sunlight after a heavy rain.  Hot and humid, but as you can see, we were prepared.
It was hat day and we are looking good. In Baltimore, you can buy food from vendors on the way to the stadium and carry it in.  That is a tasty crab sandwich.  I put on the sun screen heavy.

We had wonderful seats by 1st base.
 The Rays scored 3 in the first and the Orioles struggled most of the game.  Their mascot tried to rally the team.

The crowd sang "God Bless America" at the 7th inning stretch.
But to no avail, as the Orioles lost again 9-6

The highlight of the game was when Jeannie caught a foul ball.

the kid (white hat on backwards)
who did get the ball
let her hold it
so we could stage a picture:)

After the game we headed to Little Italy on the east side of the inner harbor.

We ate at a great place for crab, Mo's.

Pictured is the crab feast before we ate it.

And after we finished (our first experience with cracking crab)
We stopped at Marble Slab on the way back to the hotel.

Tomorrow we go to Philadelphia and a special, special reunion dinner at a seafood restaurant, and there will be more ---

We end as we began -- at the end of Day 7.

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