Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 8: Philly and a Great Reunion

Day 8: Baltimore to Philly

We left Baltimore and headed for Philadelphia (about 100 miles) about 8:30 a.m.  We stopped in Aberdeen, Maryland to ...

We got into Philadelphia about noon and parked a few blocks from Independence Hall.

On the way to the hall we passed the old and famous St. Mary's Catholic Church.

George Washington prayed here.

A few blocks north, the famous Independence Hall (although it is having a little restoration).

Then, the famous bell.
We then went south a few blocks to Washington Square.  This is the tomb of an unknown Revolutionary War soldier.

Fountain in Washington Square

On the way back to the car...

Then to Antique Row on Pine Street



The Bean Exchange Coffeehouse on Bainbridge Street

Then to the Italian Market

Monday evening we headed to north Philadelphia (Willow Grove) to have dinner with one of my former students, Anita Tomassini, AKA THE GREAT TOMASSINI (1987 - Geometry) who I have not seen in 18 years.
Anita is an engineer for Lockheed Martin (Spacecraft Mechanisms Design).  She has two degrees from M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

She started school early and then skipped a grade, so when she first came into my geometry class as a 9th grader in 1987, she was only 12 years old.

We had to send her out of the room if anyone was going to tell a joke or story that was a little PG-13.
When Anita turned 13, Jeannie decorated my classroom for a surprise celebration

And she was surprised.  The following picture was scanned, but the original had a thumb tack right in her nose.
Her row had 4 Merit Finalists.

I taught with Anita's dad, Jim, at Newman Smith High School.  Jim was a great Biology and Anatomy teacher.  He was with us at dinner.

In fact, the whole family was at dinner including Carmen, Jim's wife and Anita's mom, David -- Anita's 4-year old son, and Ken, Anita's fiance.  They are getting married on July 4, 3 weeks from today.
It was a great dinner.

Carmen (in the yellow) was also a great teacher -- elementary school.  She and Jim now live in Branson, Missouri.  Jim teaches part time in Branson, and Carmen teaches part time in Springfield.

Anita and Ken met at MIT in the 1990s.  May the two of them and David have a long and wonderful life together.

After dinner, we drove about 30 miles back to our hotel which is right next to Citizen's Field.
We planned to see the Phillies play there, but when we got tickets to see David Letterman, we had to change our schedule and miss a Phillies game.

However, we took a couple of pictures of Citizens Bank Park.

On Tuesday, we drive to New York City.

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