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Day 26 through Day 40: Hawaii and San Diego

The GrandSlamBaseballTrip (Day 26) resumed on July 21 in Hawaii, but we start by jumping ahead to the last baseball game of the trip.

Day 39: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres

Wednesday, August 3:  Thanks to the great Rusty Wallis, the water king of California, we got two great seats at the Dodgers-Padres game at Petco Park in San Diego.
Super Seats

Last Hot Dogs of the Trip

San Diego Mascot: The Swinging Friar

Cotton Candy
Padres win 3-0
View of the Ballpark from our Hotel Room

Earlier in the day at the San Diego Harbor

We flew into San Diego from Maui on Tuesday, August 2, but we landed in Kauai 12 days earlier on July 21 for 3 days in Kauai, 3 days on the big island of Hawaii, and 6 days in Maui.

The Hotel's Morning Walk
The guide called in sick, but a local lady, Elizabeth, who often takes the walk volunteered to be our guide.
Liz's daughter is a surfer and a good friend of the surfer girl who had her arm bitten off by a shark.  Her daughter was an extra in the movie in many of the surfing scenes.

After the walk, a beverage and the swimming pool.

After a day (July 22) at the pool, we went to a wonderful restaurant, Keoki's Paradise, for a birthday dinner.

62 and eligible for early social security, senior movie discounts, and just 3 years to medicare

The hotel even provided a complimentary bottle of champagne for the celebration.
The next day, July 23, we drove about 20 miles to one of the most picturesque locations in Hawaii, the Waimea Canyon.  Mark Twain called this the Grand Canyon of Hawaii.

On July 24 we flew from Kauai to
the big island of Hawaii

Dinner in Kona at Huggo's

On July 25 Jeannie drove us about 230 miles around the big island.  The main destination was the Kilauea Volcano
That is it in the background where the steam is rising.  Kilauea is a shield volcano.  It is like a big cylindrical hole on a plateau with lava in the hole rising and falling.  The lava had quit flowing a few months ago, but started again about two weeks after this picture above.

Below is a web picture from a few years ago of what Kilauea can look like.

Jeannie in the lava tube where lava used to flow

After visiting the volcano, we had lunch in Hilo and drove across the desolate big island towards Kona.

Sunset that night in Kona
Holding up the sun                and                 pushing it into the ocean

After 3 days on the big island, on July 27 we flew to Maui

Dinner at MALA at the Marriott at Wailea

Each morning for five days we took the walk (2.5 miles roundtrip) from the Marriott past three beautiful resorts on Wailea, the Grand Wailea where "Just Go With It" was filmed, the Four Seasons where my niece Becca had her moneymoon, and the Kea Lani where Jeannie, our three kids and I stayed on our first trip to Maui 10 years ago.

 Michael in 2001 having a whale pancake for breakfast in Maui.  He is well now and living in Austin with his brother Stewart and he will attend Austin CC this fall.

Kea Lani check in
Kea Lani pool where 10 years ago Debi (17) and Stewart (15) took a scuba lesson, and the next day they disappeared into the ocean for 20 minutes with all of their scuba gear.

Sunset and then dinner at Joe's in Wailea
Views from our balcony (lanai) at the Marriott
We took a day trip from Wailea to Lahaina, had lunch at Leilani's on the beach and dinner at a very romantic restaurant at the Hyatt, Son'z at Swan Court.
Leilani's and a Hula Pie

Penguins at the Hyatt

Swans at Son'z

Dinner at Son'z

Sunrise on Wailea the following morning

Then we are off to Lahaina to one of Jeannie's favorite places, The Plantation Inn Bed and Breakfast which is also the home of Gerard's restaurant.

But first, a little beverage on Front Street in Lahaina before sunset and dinner at Gerard's

Sadly, we would leave Maui the next morning, but we were not going home yet.  We still had two days in San Diego for one last baseball game (Saint Jeannie), and we had one more trip to Paia which is near the Maui airport and a lunch at the Paia Fish Market.

And a little browsing the shops for Jeannie.

Jeannie in summer 2010 and in summer 2011.  Same pants -- different shirt.

Walter in summer 2010 and summer 2011.  Similar shirt -- different pants.

On August 2, we arrived in San Diego about 9:30 p.m. (see top of this blog entry) and on August 4, we were back home in Lewisville.

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