Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 16: Detroit to Pittsburgh and the Twins vs the Pirates


Pregame Pizza at Serafino's in Pittsburgh

We got the tickets from Darryl -- great seats.
Smoking Joe Williams. He resembles Darryl a little.
Super view of downtown Pittsburgh
First Pitch

Mascot Polly

Shooting T-shirts to the fans
We sat next to Colby, fanatic Twins supporter.

7th inning stretch. Twins lead 1-0.

Pirates get the bases loaded, but just score 1 which ties the game.

Twins go ahead 2 to 1 on Willingham's home run. Here he is crossing the plate.

Hi Jeannie. How bout these seats!

Last pitch and Twins win.

And celebrate


Colby got a ball.

Jeannie helped some fans with a picture.

Goodnight to Pittsburgh, a great place to watch a game.

On Thursday we go to Washington D.C. and dinner with the Obamas.


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