Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 17: Pittsburgh to Washington DC, Tampa Rays at Nationals


The Pennsylvania Turnpike is the most beautiful drive of the trip.


Our 9th state of the trip.

The Capitol Mall (hot,hot, hot)

Jeannie is helping with the pics.

The General Pershing Monument

Pregame at the Ebbitt Grill ( recommended by Mr. Chicago)

Jambalaya for the third time, but they called it Cioppino in California.

1st Inning

President's race at finish line. Lincoln wins.

Cooling off in the club for a couple of innings.


Rays have bases loaded in 7th.

Manager replaces the pitcher.
2 outs, bases loaded, 3 and 2 count, runners moving --

STRIKE 3, Nats still lead 4 to 2.
Take me out to the ball game.

This man who was sitting a few rows in front of us, made a great foul ball catch.

Nationals lead 5-2 going into the top of the ninth as we head for the metro, and they win 5-2.


On Saturday, we see the Nationals again, but it is in Baltimore.

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