Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 18: Baltimore, Nationals at Orioles

No tickets yet, sellout due to all the first place Washington National fans driving 30 to 60 miles to the ball park, supposed to have severe thunderstorms in a few hours, so how bout some seafood to plan the night.


Phillips at Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

31 years ago after Jeannie and I met, we were eating at TGIF's in Old Town, and I was about to order some shrimp, and I noticed that they were peel-and-eat, and I said darn, you have to peel these shrimp.

Jeannie said, get them, I can peel shrimp great. I remember being super impressed with this gesture and skill.

She can still peel.

We are in and under cover. The temperature has dropped from 93 to 80.
Tarp comes off at 7:40, game to start at 8.

First batter

Steve Pearce, Jeannie's boyfriend from Atlanta, at the plate in the third inning. He told Jeannie in Atlanta that he would get a hit for her tonight.


There Steve is on 2nd. He hit a double.

Orioles in the 5th...

Go ahead 2 to 1.

7th Inning Stretch

Steve Pearce, Jeannie's guy, putting down a sacrifice bunt in the bottom of the 7th.

Still Orioles 2, Nationals 1 in the top of the ninth with two outs. Nationals are down to their last out. First pitch, strike 1.

2nd pitch, strike 2

3rd pitch, strike 3.

Game over, and the Orioles celebrate.

Jeannie takes a pic.

This is Filipe from France with Jeannie. He took the next picture of us.


Filipe is touring about 10 cities. He says that the Texas Rangers are his favorite team, and he could name all of the players. He is a big soccer fan and is rooting for France against Spain in Saturday's Euro Cup quarterfinal game.

On Saturday we go to Philadelphia for a 4 p.m. Game.

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