Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 2: June 6, D-Day

Woke up in Oakland drove about 50 miles north to...

We are not into wine too much, but I do like...

Oakville is a little north of Yountville which is a little north of Napa, and if you do know that, then you are probably really into wine. The Oakville Grocery building is from the 1800s. It just reopened a few weeks ago and is so wonderful, it is worth googling.

Back in Yountville, someone has a sweet tooth...

Bouchon is to bakeries as Fenway is to baseball.

Here I am at the Napa HS Class of 1959 sundial.

The sundial told me it was time to get social security, so I went to...

Actually, I applied online Monday night, but SSecurity said that it needed to see some documents in person ASAP. Since we were getting on a plane Tuesday morning, I could not do ASAP in Dallas, but SSecurity said I could take them to any USA office. It wanted to see my birth certificate and this...

This is my certificate of citizenship that I got in 1971. I was born on July 22, a glorious day in 1949. My dad, a decorated World War II Canadian army veteran from Winnipeg, and my mom, an American beauty from Louisville, married in 1948 (more than 9 months before I was born), and she had me in Winnipeg where I resided for my first few months of life, or so they tell me. Anyway, I derived American citizenship through my mom, but since my Winnipeg birth certificate does not establish that, the USA was kind enough to give me my Certificate of Citizenship, and the SSecurity office wanted to see it, which happened today in Napa.

Pregame meal

Usher Ellen helping with the seats
Jeannie putting the Whammy on A's starting pitcher Bartolo Colon.

Mascott Stomper enjoying the A's 3rd inning 1-0 lead

At 7th inning stretch, Jeannie is a little glum because the mighty Rangers have yet to score.

Rangers lose 2-0, the first time they have been shut out this year

Jeannie sad, (her whammy did not work on Colon) but as Scarlett said, "tomorrow is..."

On Thursday afternoon, the Rangers and Athletics play game four of their series. After the game we will go back to Napa for a night, and then, SF.


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