Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 23: Manhattan and David Letterman

After spending the night on the West Side of the Hudson (Sully Sullenberg's River), we are driving over the George Washington Bridge again to the East side of the Hudson, the Bronx and Manhattan, New York City.

The talented ten year old Tavis sent us a Bugatti Veyron he drew on his IPAD. We love it, and it motivates us for this morning's drive.

And, later today, David Letterman.

Trouble on the drive.

Jeannie on Broadway

Checking in for Letterman

After checking in, you wait an hour to get in line, so we went right next door to Angelo's Pizza.

Madonna and Letterman ate here on the show


The Letterman show was good. Then we went to Eataly. Google "Eataly," you will want to go.
On the way to a Broadway show, "End of the Rainbow."

Amazing performance by Tracie Bennett

Tomorrow -- more adventure in NY.

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