Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 7: Flying to Miami

Flying to Miami today. Red Sox at Marlins on Wednesday in Miami's new ball park.

Hotel to airport in a town car thanks to Bill Utter of Bill Utter Ford. Very luxurious and relaxing. Go buy a Ford today (I have bought 14 over the past 40 years) from Bill Utter Ford in Denton, actually in Corinth (just the Utter side of the bridge).

Tell Bill that Jeannie sent you.

This is our driver Jose. He knows everything about the Bay area. If you are in the Bay area, and you need a town car at a rate just a little more than a cab, call Jose direct at 510-685-1234.

I am wearing the colors.

  • Trouble ensued.
  • Auxiliary power on the plane went out in San Francisco causing 20 minute delay.
  • Due to this, the plane lost its place in line causing 30 minute delay.
  • Plane assigned different, but longer route to Atlanta due to delay.
  • Plane lands and drives all over Atlanta to find gate. Confident though that we might make it. Twenty minutes until the plane to Miami leaves, and we are sitting near the door.
  • At the gate, another plane is waiting to pull away, 10 minute delay.
  • Three more minutes for the door to open, and just 6 minutes until the plane to Miami leaves, and it is about 1/3 mile to that gate.
  • Walter takes off at about a 6.2 treadmill pace.
  • Upon his arrival at the gate for the plane to Miami, the door is closed.
  • Two passengers are by the desk who did not get on. One tells me that the Delta desk attendant went to the plane to see what she could do.
  • Five minutes pass. Plane is still at the gate 12 minutes after the depart time. Jeannie arrives at the gate. She ran about a quarter of a mile and caught the golf cart for the remainder of her jaunt.
  • Frazzled attendant emerges from the gate, and we get on.
  • On the plane a passenger has an issue with the flight attendant. Five policemen meet the plane and take that man away.
  • Bags don't make it and will be delivered to our hotel, the Element by the airport, on Tuesday. The Element, which we got through Priceline, is a great hotel.
  • So things are looking up.

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