Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Let the Trip Begin: Day 1

Quinn's in Oakland before the Rangers Athletics game

We took BART subway to the game and these guys who are just finishing 9th grade offered us their subway seats. Jeannie took them up on their offer. Then they protected us as we walked from the BART station to the stadium. That is Devin next to Jeannie and Brendon next to me. Very nice young men who seem to know all the stadium staff, and as a result, they are sitting in the first row behind the A's dugout. They rode BART from 30 miles away to get here.

A's attendance is more like the Durham Bulls than the Moneyball A's (about 2000 people here). However the A's almost no-hit the mighty Rangers last night, and the A's scored about a billion runs too-- even though going into the game the A's team batting average was one of the worst at this point of the season in the history of baseball.


Local fan lent Jeannie a hat.

Rangers win 6 - 3.


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