Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 34: The Ball Park in Arlington, Texas. Minnesota Twins vs Rangers

Bill Utter, best man in our wedding,


who runs Bill Utter Ford in Denton (where I have bought 13 cars over the last 39 years), gave me four great tickets to the Minnesota Twins - Rangers Sunday night game.

We invited Corrie who works with Jeannie at McLaughlin Elementary School and her daughter Carlie.

Managers meet with umpires before the game.




First Pitch



Carlie gets a ball -- actual a boy in front of her caught a ball and let her hold it for a picture.


Twins score on a controversial play and Manager Ron Washington argues the call.


Rangers huddle at the mound to try to figure it out, and the manager changes pitchers.



7th Inning Stretch



Cotten Eye Joe -- a Ranger 7th inning tradition.


Rangers down 1 to 0, try to rally in the 8th inning, but don't.


Twins score 2 more in the 9th, and we decide to beat the crowd since it does not look like the Rangers will score.


But, Rangers tie it up in the bottom of the 9th, 3 to 3.

We drop Carlie and Corrie off, arrive home, and watch the rest of the game on TV.

In the bottom of the 13th Ian Kinsler drives in the winning run for Texas.




The thrill of victory.


Going into the All Star break, the Rangers lead their division and have the 2nd best record in baseball.


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