Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 40: Santa Fe to Taos to Colorado Springs, Colorado

Camel Rock north of Santa Fe








Taos Cuisine

Taos to Colorado Springs





We dropped Stewart off in Colorado Springs after eating Bison Burgers at Ted's, a wonderful restaurant.

His friend Sarah from Austin came to Colorado Springs a couple of weeks ago for a two month stay, and we arranged for Stewart to join us in Lubbock to visit Jeannie's mom and to ride with us up to Colorado Springs where he could spend some time Sarah. He is supposed to fly back to Austin on Wednesday. If it were me, I might have trouble getting on that plane.

Jeannie and I really enjoyed meeting Sarah.

Among other things, Sarah is a great artist. She has a signature style.

Check it out at


On Sunday we drive to Denver to see the Philadelphia Phillies play the Rockoes.


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