Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 47: Las Vegas to Los Angeles (Anaheim), Texas Rangers at the Angels



Baker California, home of the world's largest thermometer behind me. About 7 years ago, it was 120 when the family stopped here, the record high for me.


Pregame Bar BQ near Angel Ball Park



Our 20th ball park.



National Anthem



Ranger relievers heading to bull pen which is behind the left field fence. Starting pitcher Holland and coaches passing the relievers.

Lineup exchange and umpire rules' review before the game.


Second Pitch


Elvis Andrus approaching home plate after hitting a home run in the first inning.

That was the Rangers only run.



The Angels scored six. This is Mike Trout heading to the dugout after hitting a home runn for the Angels in the 7th inning


Manager Ron Washington heads back to the dugout after changing pitchers following Trout's home run.


Angels win 6 to 1 and congratulate each other.


For Rangers fans, the best part of the evening was the fireworks after the game.

On Saturday, back to Angel Ball Park for an afternoon game.

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